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Computer Creator
Computer Creator is an independent study that I worked on in the Spring of 2018. It is a interactive game that can teach introduction to computer science students the ins and outs of computer hardware without them having to open up a real computer, which is both costly and daunting for people new to the computer science world.
I have taken advantage of a lot of what the Unreal Engine offers as a game engine. In both the study mode and the scavenger hunt mode, the parts placed on the table outside of the computer are procedurally generated at runtime, successfully allowing for a different play through almost every time. In the scavenger hunt mode, the parts requested are also randomized. With the combination of the procedurally placed parts, there's over a trillion different combinations of the scavenger mode that can be played!
The scavenger hunt mode also totals up your time, correct answers, and wrong answers and assigns them points. The high score is displayed on the main menu and is saved to your hard drive, allowing you to consistently try to beat your high score. It is also erasable under the options menu.
Models are made using Maya and Photoshop, and the game itself made in Unreal.
I have displayed my independent study at the 2018 Edinboro Celebration of Scholarship, the 2018 Girls Who Code event, and the Edinboro Game Expo.
If you'd like to play it, you can download it with this link for free!

If you happen to learn something and you enjoyed playing, feel free to use this Paypal Donate button to buy me a beer. :)

There are three game modes: model viewer, study, and scavenger hunt.
Study Mode lets you highlight pieces, like the GPU in this picture.
Selecting a highlighted part will bring it out and show a description.
You can turn the parts and turn off/on a helper light.
In scavenger hunt, you have to race against the clock to successfully click all the pieces.
Your time, number correct, and number wrong are totaled up and assigned points.
Heatsink for a CPU
Desktop case
Power Supply
Hard disk drive
Solid state drive
AMD FX 8350
VGA Cord
DVI Cord
Computer chairs
Power Cord
Microphone and Speaker Cords
USB 2.0 and USB3.0
Case fan

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